Matti Suuronen – Celebrating 50 years of the Futuro House


The Futuro House

Like the pop art movement that glorified mass-production, humor and modernism, these sci-fi inspired Futuro houses were fun, futuristic and prefabricated for quick construction in remote places. Originally built in the late 60’s as ski cabins, their orbic shape stopped snow from settling on top and enabled fast heating. They housed 8 people, included a kitchen, bathroom and central round table.


Unfortunately, only 100 or so Futuro houses were ever built as the 1973 oil crisis raised the cost plastic significantly.  Now, as the design celebrates its 50th anniversary we can track them to all corners of the earth serving many different purposes: a V.I.P club, a restaurant and in one case a luxury dog kennel. Playboy has labeled them as the perfect bachelor pad.

The Venturo House

venturo house

Following on from the Futuro House, in 1971 Venturo House was born. Another futuristic vision for the cosmopolitan, this modularly assembled home was similarly stopped in its production due to the rising price of plastic. Only 19 were built and a mere 9 Venturo Houses remain. Three were bought by BP and used as gas stations.

matti suuronen venturo house

Completing Suuronen’s legacy of fantastical spaces he designed the 1978 SanZhi UFO houses in Taiwan. Due to financial issues these flying saucer like pods were never completed, however they do remain a popular tourist attraction. So despite Suuronen’s lack of success in realising his projects, his works have inspired many contemporary architects such as Zaha Hadid to play with architecture as though the sky’s the limit.

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