See Andy Warhol’s 5 Most Expensive Paintings.


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is an American painter and producer who is known as being the leading figure of the Pop Art movement. I love Andy Warhol for his ability to find beauty and art in the common, every day life. His work is a reflection of our every day lives and represent’s the growing capitalist culture of 1960’s America. With emphasis on celebrities, money, popular brands and advertising Andy Warhol turns everything that can be qualified as unattractive in an automated industrialised society and transforms it into some of the most valued works of art today. In this article we will be looking at the top 5 most prized Andy Warhol pantings.

#5 Green Car Crash (Green Car Burning I)


Painted in  1973, this painting was part of a collection called the Death and Disaster Series. Although this is one of the most valued works of Andy Warhol on the art market it is believed that his assistant Gerard Malanga had a large contribution to this creation. It was inspired by photographs in Newsweek magazine. The car was pursued by the Seattle police. The driver lost control of the wheel at 60 miles per hour (97 km/h), crashing into a utility pole. Being owned for 30 years this painting generated a lot of interest. In 2007 it was put up for auction and sold for $71.7 million . It was estimated to sell for 25 million.

#4 Turquoise Marilyn


Andy Warhol painted several version of the actress Marilyn Monroe, and these are probably one of his most famous paintings after the notorious Campbell Soup series.  Fascinated with fame. Warhol painted many other celebrities and iconic people from history. The sex symbol committed suicide in 1962, Warhol painted his Monroe pictures after her death. Turquoise Marilyn sold to the billionaire slash art collector Steven Cohen for an impressive $80 million in 2007.

#3 Tripple Elvis


Painted in 1963, Warhol used a photograph of Elvis Presley from the movie Flaming Star. This is another illustration of Andy Warhol’s admiration for popular culture and celebrities. Triple Elvis was sold for $81.9 million  at a Christie’s auction in New York in November 2014.

#2 Eight Elvises


Here are even more Elvis Presleys, eight in total. Eight Elvises is a 1963 silkscreen painting it sold in 2008 for $100 million ($111.2 million with fees) to a private buyer, The current owner and location of the painting, which has not been seen publicly since the 1960s, are unknown, although it is believed the buyer was the Royal Qatari family.

#1 Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)


This painting depicts a body twisted in the mangled interior of a silver car. It is the last serigraph of the artist that was left in private hands. The serigraph was displayed only once in public during the last 26 years and was also part of his Death and Disaster series. The work was held by a European collector for 20 years. In November 2013, five bidders fought for the serigraph in an auction at Sotheby’s. Five actionneurs fought for it inflating the price to a whopping $105 million. The name of the winner was never disclosed to the public. This serigraph was estimated at $60–80 million and holds the record of the highest selling painting of Andy Warhol.

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