Itunes Celebrates It’s 18th Birthday! Here Are Some Apple Throwbacks.


Itunes is officially 18 years old. Announced the 1st of January 2001 by Apple Inc, the media platform has evolved a lot from it’s original version (which you can see above). To celebrate 18 years of music I decided to select other Apple products as a throwback to the company’s past. These Apple products were selected for their groundbreaking product design when first released. I hope these make you feel as nostalgic as they made me.

#1: The Imac G3


The Imac G3 was released in 1998 and sold until 2003 and is possibly the first computer I ever used. I remembre using this computer to learn how to type in my elementary school (by then apple had new computers that the public school couldn’t afford). I also remember being fascinated by it’s design: It’s transparent case made it possible to look at the electronic components inside.

#2: The Imac G4 Cube

Another transparent computer made by Apple. This is a slightly rare computer as it was only available for a year (between 2000 and 2001). However some are still available on Ebay. I remembre wanting one for christmas around age 10 but sadly never did. Again it was a beautiful simplistic and small computer. A real marvel of product design for it’s time.

#3: The Original Ipod

Remembre these? I do. Apple introduced the first-generation iPod on October 23, 2001, with the slogan “1,000 songs in your pocket”. They had a monochrome LCD screen and was priced at US$399. Compared to Ipods today this one is thick and heavy with a nice feel to it in your hand. It’s simplicity made it a revolutionary product that Apple still makes new generations of.

#4: The Macintosh

The one. The only. The classic Macintosh. This was released and discontinued before my birth, however it has become such a staple in the brand’s culture and in the computer world that I had to throw it in here. Although considered a “piece of crap” compared to today’s technology, this computer was revolutionary when released and was praised for it’s incredible graphics. It was the first computer anyone could draw on as advertised above.

#5: The 6th Generation Ipod Nano

My personal favorite Apple product of all time: The 6th generation Ipod nano. I used to have one but sadly lost it. This is one of Apple’s most original products in my opinion. With only one small screen, three buttons on top and an AUX in for your headphones, this tiny piece of technology could hold your music, pictures and podcasts. It also had a radio app and an app to track your jogging. It is equipped with a clip on the back so it could be attached to clothing or wrist bands to wear as a watch (way before the apple watch). I only have good memories of this product. I think I’ll have to buy another.


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