Luigi Colani: Designing For Another World

World Champion of Car Design, World Champion of General Design in London, in Pasadena, in Paris and even in China; you’re probably wondering why you’ve not heard of him.

Luigi Colani designs are like nothing you’ve seen before and nothing you’re likely to see for some time. Beyond the future, they seem to come from a another universe.

German industrial designer, Luigi Colani has freed himself from traditional thought on design. By reassembling the functional features yet following certain eternal laws of form, Colani convinces us of a new way of structuring almost everything we have so far.

Colani: “I’m copied all over the world. [laughs] You see, shit is not copied.”

For over 50 years, Colani has created mind-bendingly original, biomorphically streamlined cars, trains and planes. Again and again breaking speed records. He has no shame in pointing out the long trail of designers trying to stay at his pace.

According to Colani, Bauhaus got it capital-W Wrong. Form does not follow ‘function’, but rather ’emotion’. Wanting to push the boundaries of design beyond the mundane functional world, Colani designs carry an explicitly sexual undercurrent, as well as a likeness to his inspirations in the natural world such as fish and insects. Some designs, being so radical are perhaps a little hard to digest. Some might be very our future. Whatever the case, with his biodynamic forms Colani reminds us there is no end to invention.

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