Kehinde Ken Adewuyi: The Man Who Feels Is The Man Who Knows

The work of Louis Bourgeois is bold and striking, that of Anthony Gormley is pure mastery of craft – our finest sculptors go to the greatest lengths to outstand us, but it is rare that an sculpture embodies emotion with the simplicity of Kehinde Ken Adewuyi.

If you’ve ever just felt heavy in your body, weighed down by some inner force, Adwuyi’s sculptures will speak to you. Legs that cower over the rest of the body, flesh that bulges to form lumps and gorges on the surface of the skin and heads so small that they seem utterly useless. Adewuyi has a formula that works. His figures represent people as prisoners of themselves. Suffering under the weight of their own existence and unable to move because of it.

Born in Lagos in 1959, Adewuyi has exhibited extensively around Nigeria, and somewhat in the wider world. His first major exposure being in London’s Brunei Gallery in 2000 for the group exhibition ‘Accident and Design, Gani Odutokun and his Influence’. Currently, Adewuyi is touring universities to teach his craft.

Without major recognition his sculptures are available to purchase for exeptionally modest prices. Averaging at about a grand per figure, the works are currently hugely undervalued for their size, context and authenticity. Not to mention their melancholic beauty. For further details on how to purchase an Adewuyi sculpture, feel free to contact us at

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