Kendrick Bangs Kellogg: The Desert House

Though the architect worked hard to make this house blend in with its environment, The Desert House desperately needs to be seen. In the wilderness of the Californian desert lies Kendrick Bangs Kellogg’s masterpiece. Constructed in 1988 from lengthy concrete slabs that shelter the interior like some kind of otherwordly tree folliage, this visionary structure demonstrates exactly why Kellogg is a pioneer of the organic architecture movement.

The couple who commisioned and live in The Desert House – Artist Bev Doolittle and her husband Jay Doolittle, gave Kellogg ‘carte blanche’ to design from his instincs however he pleased. The result…pure validation for all architects whose creativity is cut short by their clients. In The Desert House, creativity is manifest in each nook and cranny.

Just look at the wooden beam that winds through the room above. This one element acts as a structural support, a staircase banister and a table. All is put to its maximum use whilst retaining the lavish, luxurious aspect of being seemingly whimsicle.

Boasting of an indoor waterfall this house is a celebration of mother nature’s gifts. With its collosal size, the house reinvents the possibilities of a desert landscape – playing with stone, sunlight, water and wood. Undoubtably, this design would have Frank Lloyd Wright, the father of organic architecture bursting with pride.

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