Disturbing Yet Engaging Works by Paul Saul

Colourful and cartoonish but contraversial to the core, Peter Saul is considered one of the father figures of pop art. However, with nothing mass-produced about him and a painterly style which pop was not supposed to have, Saul creates something quite unique. His work is in reality – a pisstake of pop art.

Paul Saul, Clement Greenberg, 1971

Born and raised in San Francisco California, Saul’s art focuses on satirising American culture – attacking its religious behaviour, its politics and sex scandals. To lighten this nightmarish content, Saul uses Day-Glo colour and comic strip style captions in combination with a childlike two dimensional perspecive.

Paul Saul, The Execution of Jesus, 2006

Now in his 80’s, the artist has enjoyed an immensely celebrated career. His works can be found in major collections around the world, including: the Centre Pompidou, MoMA New York, Whitney Museum of American Art along side showing at Art Basel and much more.

Paul Saul, Stalin and Mao, 2009

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