Exclusive Interview with Sculptor Plamen Dimitrov

Plamen Dimitrov is a Bulgarian sculptor creating outstandingly beautiful metal sculptures that truly embody a feeling of freedom. Born in 1974, Plamen is a husband, a father of one and a full time sculptor. Fascinated by his work, we had the pleasure of interviewing the artist himself and here is what we found out…

Plamen Dimitrov, Amusement, in Bronze

Evoking joy, lightness of being and freedom are the intentions of Plamen’s craft. In the same way in which his words communicate a buzzing enthusiasm and optimistic attitude, Plamen’s sculptures communicate the buzz of simply feeling alive.

Attempt to Fly, in bronze

Plamen has around 15 years of experience in his field of business. He first got into sculpture through wood carvings, which progressed to designing tables and eventually to creating sculptures in bronze. To do so he uses the lost wax casting method, as it allows for more intricate designs. This involves moulding a cast in wax, pouring molten metal onto it and then melting and draining the wax away once the mould has set. His style is distinct, however Plamen tells us that he has experimented with many different techniques over the years, and not limited to sculpting the human figure, works on producing a variety of sculptures for his private clients.

Eclat, in bronze

Pride is not one of my qualities. I work everyday and the things happen.‘ The process of sculpting is long and demanding but fortunately for the rest of us there are those like Plamen who dedicate their lives to it. To see more of Plamen’s sculptures visit ArtParks.com where the works are available to view and purchase.

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