The Best Mid Century Modern Chaires Available Online

The Chairs

As of now, I have decided to share with my readers the best objects of design we can find of the web. This will be a monthly occurrence, with a different selection of objects each time. This month I have made some research and found some the most stunning mid-century chairs that are for sale right now.

#1 Chair with Single Arm, Pierre Jeanneret

Although the signature Pierre Jeanneret is known for having two armrests I stumbled upon this single arm-rest model that had a flattened surface added to it making it resemble a classroom chair. I had never seen those before. Intrigued, I did some research and couldn’t find any other resembling it. So I thought it might be a fake, however, after more careful research in all the designer’s project, I found that he indeed did create this chair. It is extremely rare and is available on for $8,500. 

#2 Original 1940’s DCW Chair, Charles & Ray Eames

Although this isn’t a “find” because this model is still produced and sold by the furniture company Herman Miller, this chair is a 1945 original model. The chair is made out of walnut and has a beautiful and unique patina and was Manufactured by Evans. It is listed on 1st dibs for $4117.

#3 Walnut Spear Chair, Ib Kofod-Larsen

This Danish chair was designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen in 1950. The chair is with its original woven rush back support. The seat cushion was newly upholstered in a green Belgian bouclé textile with new foam. The frame is in original finish, untouched. This chair is on retailing on first dibs for $2500.

#4 Low DAX Shell Armchair, Charles Eames

This chair is a classic a can blend into almost any space. Originally designed by Charles Eames for Herman Miller in 1950, the seller believes this chair is from around the same period. The shell is made with yellow fiberglass and is mounted to metal legs. This is probably the most affordable chair on the list as it retails for 850$

#5 Midcentury Scandinavian Armchair with ashtray, Domino Mobler

I love this chair, everything about it. This is also a rare model that only pops up online a few times a year.  It was produced by the Danish furniture maker “Domino Mobler” in the 1950s. The structure is made by hardwood and a back metal tubes. Each arm-rest is equipped with a metal circular ashtray.

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