Introducing Nomis Retuar: The Competition that Egon Schiele Never Met

You may have been one of the few thousands to storm the Royal Academy’s Klimt/ Schiele’s Drawings exhibition over the past couple of months. You may have been one of the many struck by the integrity of their drawings, the way they suggest an original view of sexuality, of love, and inhabiting one’s body. Perhaps you returned home and felt content to have witnessed works from two of the most powerfully communicative artists of a generation. I won’t deny you of your admiration, but would like to point out that just under your nose lies a challenge to their artistic authority. Nomis Retuar is a Austrian medicine student exploring the human body through painting as a way of expressing himself in a way that words simply can’t.

A Likeness to Schiele

As his fans are quick to cry out, there is a distinct likeness to Schiele’s work in Retuar’s style. The fragile lines, the unfinished/ part-coloured aesthetic, the fascination with the human body in all of its crooked imperfections – the artists are indeed similar. Yet, with a closer examination you’ll see that Retuar’s subjects aren’t made sickly through bruised yellow and green hues, nor conflicted between lust and disgust like that of Schiele. Instead, colour renders his bodies with a glowing electricity, his subjects tend to be tall and skinny because he himself along with his friends are that way, so the aesthetic is simply relatable. There’s a also a certain stoic-like strength in the faces of Retuar’s subjects unlike the wary eyes found in among Schiele’s.

Instagram for Contemporary Artists

I came into contact with Nomis Retuar on the social media platform Instagram, where he sells his work. He revealed that he never had the intention to sell, making art is for his own pleasure but that a relationship break up triggered him to post his work without paying attention to the reactions of others and as soon it was online people wanted to buy it.

So Who Is Nomis Retuar?

Nomis Retuar is an Austrian medical student, who was raised on a farm and began drawing at the tender age of one. In the future he plans to make art inspired by his knowledge in medicine and biology. What more is there to say – he is the artist to keep your eye on.

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