Here are the Best Luxury Novelty Items This Season

Luxury brands have been releasing all kinds of strange items for several years now. It seems that with the explosive demand for these collectible objects produced by streetwear brands, the luxury industry is now starting to catch up; And trust me… the results are quite appreciable.

Prada Domino set

I have gone through the ss19 catalogs of the top luxury houses and have made a selection of the best novelty objects available.

Gucci – Incense Sticks

I never thought luxury had a specific smell. However, this season the Italian luxury brand has introduced a variation of five incense sticks, all available in a box of 25 units. The incense sticks are crafted from bamboo and coated with a bright fuchsia hue. For 70$, you will have your home smell like Gucci!

Gucci Incense Sticks

Louis Vuitton – Pencil Case

If you love to draw and have a weakness for Louis Vuitton leather… then this one is for you. The Calfskin Leather Pencil Roll holds a range of 40 different shades of color pencils and portrays the classic Louis Vuitton monogram. Oh, and I mention…each pencil inscribed with the LV logo. To keep things even more secure when traveling, a calfskin strip fastens to an engraved metal ring at the top of the case. This beautiful accessory will cost you $900. This pencil case looks too good if you ask me.

Louis Vuitton Calfskin Leather Pencil Roll

Chanel – Skateboard

Not really the kind of skateboard you use for tricks; or use at all, to be honest. The deck of the skateboard is crafted from lacquered wood, featuring an all-over pattern on the bottom alluding to the brand’s signature quilt. The top then boasts black grip tape, as well as a contrasting Chanel logo. It will cost you $7,700 to ride this toy.

Chanel Skateboard

Chanel – Surfboard

Now, this item is for those who prefer the beach. The Chanel surfboard is made out of aluminum, glass, and polyurethane. It comes in all silver with the classic Chanel logo. It retails at $8,900.

Chanel Surfboard

Prada – Saffiano Leather Dominoes Set

Throw your old domino set away, this one is much more elegant. The box containing the domino pieces is made from leather and has Prada written in metal letters. This is the perfect gift for your grandparents and it retails at $1,220. You’ll have to book an appointment to purchase it.

Prada Saffiano Leather Dominoes Set

Hermes – “Jeux d’Animaux” Paddle Ball Set

Ever wanted to play ball at the beach but didn’t have a paddle ball set? Don’t let that ever happen to you again. For this spring/summer collection, the French Fashion house Hermes released one. To play a fun game of paddle ball at the beach (all in style of course), It will cost you $840.

Hermes “Jeux d’Animaux” Paddle Ball Set

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