Take a look inside Karl Lagerfeld’s Parisian Home

Karl Lagerfeld is often regarded as the most influential and recognizable fashion designers of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the creative director at Chanel passed away on the 19th of February 2019, he was 85. Karl Lagerfeld is well known for his work in fashion. However, he wasn’t just a fashion designer, he was also an admirer of all design. From his large collection of Memphis Milano pieces to his Monaco mansion, Karl was a man with a taste for beautiful design. One of this icon’s most forgotten or ignored works, in my opinion, is his Parisian home. Take a look.

Here are the Best Luxury Novelty Items This Season

Luxury brands have been releasing all kinds of strange items for several years now. It seems that with the explosive demand for these collectible objects produced by streetwear brands, the luxury industry is now starting to catch up; And trust me… the results are quite appreciable.